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Xi Jinping Sends Message to Congratulate on Opening of 2015 China-Africa Media Summit

On December 1 local time, the 2015 China-Africa Media Summit kicked off in Cape Town, South Africa. President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory message to extend warm congratulations on the opening of the summit and express his sincere welcome to guests from the media circles of all countries present at the summit.

Xi Jinping pointed out in the message that the summit is under the theme "A New Era of Win-Win Media Cooperation between China and Africa". It brings together members of the media from China and African countries for discussions and exchanges of ideas and is of great significance to consolidating and expanding China-Africa friendly cooperation.

Xi Jinping expressed that China and Africa are a community of common destiny that shares weal and woe, and friendly cooperation between the two sides helps enhance the welfare of their 2.4 billion people. On the path of pursuing peace and development, China and Africa should be reliable friends and sincere partners forever. China and Africa joining hands for development is conducive to building a new type of international relations with win-win cooperation at the core and promoting the global governance system to develop towards a more just and reasonable direction.

Xi Jinping stressed that media serves as a channel for exchanges and mutual learning between China and Africa and a bridge connecting the hearts of their peoples. In recent years, media exchanges and cooperation between China and Africa have witnessed a vigorous development. Looking into the future, media cooperation between the two sides enjoys ample space and bright prospects. It is hoped that the media circles in China and Africa will take the summit as an opportunity to expand areas of exchanges and enrich connotations of cooperation so as to make new and greater contributions to rooting China-Africa friendship in the hearts of their peoples and making the tree of China-Africa friendship constantly yield fruits.

The summit was hosted by the State Council Information Office of China. About 200 principals of leading media from China and African countries attended the summit.

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